Scouts & Guides



From 11/02/2010 TO 13/02/2010

Day-1 (11.02.2010)-Thursday

          Annual Camp 2009-10 started in our school from 11-02-2010 (Thursday) to 13-02-2010 (Saturday).  There are 58 Scouts and 16 Guides participated in the camp. We started our camp at 5.00 p.m. with Inaugural functions, which includes welcome speech by Scout Master Mr.P Jyoti, Lighting the lamp, prayer, welcome of chief guest, speech of the chief guest Dr. T.S. Rao           (PTA Secretary), followed by vote of thank. Then Scouts and Guides were divided in 9 Patrols and elected Patrols leader.


Day-2 (12.02.2010)-Friday

          After the tea Scouts and Guides were given training in B.P. six-exercise. Kit inspection was done The Flag break was done at 8.15a.m. Session from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 Session was taken on Scout Promise, Scout Law, Scout Sign and Scout Salute.

          At 10.30 Dr. P. Vineetha (Medical Officer,DAE Hospital) delivered a Lecture cum demonstration with PowerPoint on the topic “First Aid”. This was very useful for the Scouts and Guides.Post lunch Session were practical ones involving Knots and Lashes. After this Scouts and Guides went for practicing Grand Camp fire Programmes. The day came to a pleasant end with the Grand Camp fire which witnessed Scouts and Guides presenting variety of programmes in the presence of the Chief Guest.


Day-3 (13.02.2010)-Saturday

After tea Scouts and Guides were given training of B.P. six-exercise. Kit inspection took place. The Flag break was done at 8.15a.m. All Faith prayer was conducted at 9.00a.m. Cubs and Bulbul were also participates in All Faith Prayer. It was realized by us that they all enjoyed the two activities. At 10.00a.m.we went to Sadras Fort for Hiking. They enjoyed and astonished about the structure of the Fort. They have learned about commonly used wood craft signs for Hiking, history of scout and guide movement, different types of knotting etc. Scouts and Guides have done some improvised different types of knotting etc. The next session was by PET of our school Mrs. Meghalata. She gave the lecture on the topic “Health Education and Nutrition” through PowerPoint. A test was conducted from 4.00p.m. To 5.00p.m.

          Closing ceremony was held at 5.30p.m. Dr. Anant Sivan was the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest blessed the scouts and guides by giving participation certificate and a valuable provoking speech.  



October 2009



Md. Harish Class IXB , got Rajya Puraskar


September 2008


Faseeha Farheen(GUIDE) got Rajya Puraskar .


Rajyapuraskar Testing Camp


Faseeha Farheen was selected for Rajayapuraskar Testing Camp for scouts and Guides of KVS state level which is going to be held at KV Gwalior No.1 and KV Gwalior No.3 respectively from 25th to 29th August 2008.


     10th July to 15 July prepared the students for Pre Rajyapuraskar camp& the following  students were selected for Pre Rajayapuraskar Camp held at  KV Vijaynarayanam from 19th July to 21 July 2008.


  1. Faseeha Farheen
  2. E. Ajay





1ST Phase of  TSPL Camp:-

Ten scouts from our Vidyalaya participated in the TSPL Camp held at Karikudi 28 to 30 sep

1.Mohammad Harris


3.Adarsh Mohan



6.Nitin Shyam


8.Shyam Gautam


10.Arvind Raj


Octomber 2008-09


2nd Phase of  TSPL Camp:-

Four scouts from our Vidyalaya participated in the second phase of TSPL Camp held at Tambaram from oct 29th  to 1st  nov

1.Sai Santosh

2.Arvind Bharathi




November 2008-09

Scout and Guide Flag day was celebrated in the school premises on 7th November 2008 in a reputed way. we started our programmes with All faith prayer.  All Scouts and Guides and Scoutmaster and Guidecaptain participated in it. Our scout master Mr.Manoharlal (PGT HINDI) gave a speech on history of scout and guide movement.



All Faith Prayer



Baden Powell



Cubs & BulBuls


Cubs and Bulbuls Classes are conducting at every alternate week regularly in our Vidyalaya.

Studetns are divided in Sixer wise.




The following activities are conducted.

April: Enrolment, preparatory work, story included Bulbuls prayer, uses of telephones etc.

July: Daily prayer, to do a good turn every day, Cubs and Bulbuls greeting, Bulbul law, Cubs and Bulbuls Motto, Cubs and Bulbuls Promise.

August: Polishing and cleaning of shoes, helping their father and mother, learn to pray before meals, do a good turn at home and at school, care of their clothes.